Photo of GotDegrees author James Reed.
The many faces of GotDegrees…

About GotDegrees (The Blogger):

Who I Am: James Reed, Ed. M., MSW (I’m still paying through the nose and other orifices for those letters, you better believe I’m adding them…)

Where I’m From: Originally Providence, RI- otherwise known as that city in New England that had the convict mayor… Now living in the Greater Boston area again.

What I Do: Act as Chief Organizer, Therapist, Negotiator, Life Coach, Custodian, Surrogate Parent, and more for high-functioning 18-22 year olds (Read: Student Affairs Professional).

The Degrees of GotDegrees: AB in Psychology/Africana Studies from Brown University, MSW in Clinical Social Work from Boston College, Ed. M in Higher Education from Harvard University.

What Interests Me: Higher Education (Past, Present, and Future), Student Affairs, Mental Health, Pop Culture, Social Justice, Current Events, Trashy Reality TV, Better TV, Movies, Music, Some Fiction and More Non-Fiction Books, Sarcasm, Etc.

What I Hope to Do With This Blog: Inform, Interrogate, Problematize, Provoke, Amuse, Inspire, Collaborate, Commiserate, Motivate, and much, much more.

How To Get In Touch With Me: Click on the “Contact GotDegrees” link above and leave a message or drop me a line at  You can also tweet me at @GOTDEGREES or contact me on the GotDegrees Facebook page.


GotDegrees Blog

About GotDegrees (The Blog):

The GotDegrees blog:

  • Is an ongoing project I’m working on as a means of personally and professionally developing myself…
  • Is my excuse to be more intentional about reading, watching, listening to and observing more and writing about what I’ve seen…
  • Is a place where I hope to engage in meaningful dialogue with my readers…
  • Is (hopefully) a place where you’ll learn, laugh and leave better than you came in….
  • Is ever changing and evolving- more to come soon…





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