Guess Who’s Back?

Adele meme based on Hello video.
Hello from the other side… other side of cheesy, that is…

Yes, it’s true – I’ve finally returned after a months-long hiatus from this blog. Where was I? Living enough life to have more to say in this blog, of course! I made a promise to myself  when I started GotDegrees to not be in this space if I didn’t feel like I had a coherent, valuable thought to share; because I spent the better part of the past three or four months getting acclimated to my new life I really didn’t have a lot to say.

That ends today. Well… more like tomorrow. I’ve got a post brewing as we speak (as I type/as you read is more like it) that is almost done – but I wanted to pop in to say that you will be hearing more from me and that I didn’t forget this space. I’ve cleaned things up around here, streamlined some pages, and finally feel ready to move full steam ahead with this blog. I’ll be bringing back some old post topics (because What I Learned About Student Affairs from Empire is a post that must be done before they run the show into the ground) and will start to blend in new ones. Being in a different phase of my personal and professional life has given me new perspective, and I’m excited to share that with you.

I’ll let JHud summarize it for me, just so you can get the song stuck in your head again… you know you missed it:

Anyway, enough of that… More to come – very, very soon.


GotDegrees PSA: Closed For Maintenance January 4th-5th, 2015

The maintenance I'm doing this weekend, of course! Silly Dog!
The maintenance I’m doing this weekend, of course! Silly Dog!


Hope you had a great Christmas if you celebrate and are enjoying Kwanzaa! My time off has been productive- I’ve got some great ideas for this space that I can’t wait for you to see in the new year; in order to make that happen I will be taking the site down over the weekend for some cosmetic changes. You won’t be able to access posts on the page during the day on Sunday (January 4th) but we’ll be back on the 5th with a new look and a new post! Until then, have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve/Day and see you in 2015!


Spotlight On The News: November 2014 (Part II)

A little cloudy, but not a bad view for the next few days- more on NASPA R1 on Monday!
A little cloudy, but not a bad view for the next few days- more on NASPA R1 on Monday!

Happy Monday! As you read this, I’m relaxing running around somewhere at the luxurious Hyatt Regency Newport (RI) on Goat Island for NASPA Region I- more on that next week-but I wanted to make sure that I had ample content for this week even though I’m taking some time off in the real world (isn’t that nice of me?) so I’m back with the second installment of Spotlight on the News. Today’s edition highlights a piece from BlueStockings Mag about Brown students of color and safe spaces (a topic near and dear to my heart), an article from on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, a short piece in the Providence Journal on abrasive teachers in the Providence school system, and a piece from on She Who Must Not Be Named Kardashian-West and those photos from last week (so much for the KardASSian media blackout).

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