GotDegrees Micropost: MLK Day, Diversity and The New Black

GotDegrees Micropost: Reflections on Diversity and The New Black

Happy MLK Day! I actually intended to write a much longer post today, but I’ve been fully invested in my office’s Winter training session. However, I couldn’t let today pass without at least acknowledging Martin Luther King Jr. and his contributions to our society and the world at large. Many people will take today as an opportunity to do some reflection, look into MLK’s legacy, and talk more about issues of identity, cultural exchange, social justice, and activism- I’ll personally be attending a public screening of documentary The New Black and an intimate conversation with the filmmaker, fellow Brunonian Yoruba Richen (Class of 1994) as a way to do so and to think about modern-day applications of Dr. King’s message. If I had some more free time, I would go see Selma as well- there’s always next weekend…

Anyway, I’ll write a longer post on my thoughts about diversity and social justice and how we can think about these topics in a nuanced way later, but today I wanted to share some TED talks that I think are particularly appropriate for the occasion by, including one by Yoruba Richen for those who haven’t seen The New Black (if you haven’t, find it and watch ASAP). Diversity and identity are at the center of each of these talks, but in addition the speakers look at the subjects from different perspectives: feeling “othered” as a member of multiple cultures and identities, intersectionality of race and sexual orientation, identity in the academy, acknowledging and embracing our biases in a post-Trayvon Martin/Mike Brown/Eric Garner world, and the need for counternarratives in our society. Selecting women of color was a specific intention of mine- as we think about the “New Black” both in the context of Yoruba’s film and in general, it’s important to me that voices that may have previously been silenced get heard, especially on a day like this. Watch one, two or all of them when you have time- more to come from me on this.

Thandie Newton, Embracing Otherness, Embracing Myself:

Dr. Marylin Sanders Mobley, The Paradox of Diversity:

Yoruba Richen, What The Gay Rights Movement Learned From The Civil Rights Movement:

Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, The Danger of A Single Story:

Verna Myers, How To Overcome Our Biases? Walk Boldly Toward Them:

Enjoy the day, watch the videos, and take a little time to reflect on where we were, where we are and where we should be going. More on my thoughts on diversity in the coming weeks- be back on Wednesday with a post on Breaking Bad and Student Affairs (way to shift gears, huh?).


GotDegrees Micropost: Reflections on MLK and The New Black


GotDegrees Micropost: Are We Too Busy?

Are We Too Busy?

Welcome back! Admittedly, this was going to be a longer, more thought out post about whether Student Affairs professionals appear to suffer from what some would call the “disease,” “addiction,” “trap,” or “myth” of being busy, how this problem came to be and what we can do about it, but… well… how do I say this?

I got busy.

The end of the semester is incredibly crazy as a SAPro in normal situations- when your staff doubles, this gets amplified in ways you couldn’t imagine. I’ve gotten through it well at work, but I really haven’t had time to be concerned with much else lately (funny how that works). What I’ve decided to do today is to offer up some of the things I’ve read and watched around this issue as a way to prime people for discussion about the topic and then come back in a week and actually share my own thoughts. This way, I have some time to actually write something coherent and you can be ready for what’s coming up. Sound good? Well, actually, you have no choice so I guess it’ll have to…

Articles on the topic that I found helpful are linked above; below are some videos that I liked that focused on busyness and its virtues (or lack thereof):

You can probably guess what my opinion is on the matter from the stuff that I’ve linked… I’ll elaborate on what exactly I think next Wednesday, but for now take a moment to think: How many times do you tell people that you’re “busy” every day? What does “busy” really mean to you? Do you really have to be “busy” all of the time?

I’ll be back soon with more actual content, starting with our 10th PROTIP Phriday post on Friday, when I’m not so “busy” myself- I promise! Until then, take some time to reflect and..

Are We Too Busy?


GotDegrees Micropost: The Power of Introverts

Introverts Unite holds rallies on Twitter and Instagram instead of in large open spaces- hey, at least you can't catch Ebola on Twitter (although you can catch stupid on Twitter easily...)
Introverts Unite holds rallies on Twitter and Instagram instead of in large open spaces- hey, at least you can’t catch Ebola on Twitter (although you can catch stupid on Twitter easily…)

Welcome back for what I’ve conveniently decided to call a GotDegrees Micropost (AKA I felt compelled to post today but didn’t have time to put a full post together)- these will pop up from time to time as needed or when I want to get something out to you all quickly.

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