GotDegrees PSA: Closed For Maintenance January 4th-5th, 2015

The maintenance I'm doing this weekend, of course! Silly Dog!
The maintenance I’m doing this weekend, of course! Silly Dog!


Hope you had a great Christmas if you celebrate and are enjoying Kwanzaa! My time off has been productive- I’ve got some great ideas for this space that I can’t wait for you to see in the new year; in order to make that happen I will be taking the site down over the weekend for some cosmetic changes. You won’t be able to access posts on the page during the day on Sunday (January 4th) but we’ll be back on the 5th with a new look and a new post! Until then, have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve/Day and see you in 2015!


Protip Phriday XI: Merry Christmahanakwanzika, Happy Festivus, Happy New Year, & All That Jazz…

PROTIP Phriday XI: Merry Christmahanakwanzika, Happy FestivusHey All! Hope you’ve had a great week! My deepest sympathies to you if you’ve been working on exams or final papers or if you work in a school and your students aren’t off yet- my campus clears out on Sunday and I can’t wait to be living in a ghost town again. Things are good here- our semester is nearly over, I’m looking forward to a good Yankee swap gift at my office holiday party, and my first post on the Student Affairs Collective blog should be up today (welcome to anyone visiting from SAC- please have a look around and enjoy!)

Anyway, this is my last new post… well, until 2015- at some point today I’ll hit 10,000 views so I’m clearly not going away anytime soon, but I plan on enjoying some time off from doing anything that requires actual effort until well after January 1st.

However, I knew I couldn’t leave you without some holiday PROTIPS, so I’ve taken a minute to post some of my snark-infused advice for the season and all of the major holidays- Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve/Day, and Festivus. Yes, Festivus is included (despite the fact that I never liked Seinfeld)- any holiday that includes an Airing of Grievances is DEFINITELY getting airtime from me since PROTIP Phriday usually is an airing of my grievances with the general public… so let’s get started with those grievances a few days earlier, shall we?

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Call Me Crazy: Finding My Way to Mental Health Wellness (And Staying There)


This week (or next week depending upon whom you ask) is National Mental Health Wellness Week, and given some of what I’ve seen in my workplace/community and around me in general lately, I feel like it’s important to take some time to both acknowledge that and to talk a bit about what that means for me personally. Mental health has long been a personal focus of mine, and when I started GotDegrees I wanted to make it one of the major focuses of this blog, but I realized recently that I never really explained why. I’ve thought about writing this post for a while now, but decided against it initially for a few reasons: I didn’t felt like it was the right time before now, I was too busy to dedicate the time to doing it well, and (I’m almost ashamed to say) I was worried about how others would see me after I shared my story.

After witnessing a few instances of individuals struggling with their own path to mental wellness amidst concerns about being stigmatized on my campus and in the general public, I realized that the worry I felt was the exact reason why I had to do this post- as someone who is not only a supporter of causes that advocate for mental health wellness but who is also a trained mental health professional, it’s important for me to share my thoughts so others can feel like it’s OK to speak up and to reach out for help.

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