PROTIP Phriday XIV: The Social Network Edition


So PROTIP Phriday is back, as promised! I’ve decided to give you a taste of my PROTIPs from Facebook this week since that’s where I got started with them. I’m also gifting them to you because I think they’re good instructions for folks after some of the things I’ve seen in the past three weeks. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them- as you can see by the likes under them, others certainly did.



facebook_4facebook_5facebook_6facebook_7facebook_8That’s it for this week! Before I leave you I want to also wish my stepdad Stan a happy birthday- thanks for teaching me every curse word you know, that thinking for yourself is crucial, that sometimes it’s OK to have the unpopular opinion in the room and that manners and good behavior can take you around the world without a dime in your pocket (not that I always show them here). Hoping you’re feeling better and that you enjoy your day!


For the rest of you, enjoy the weekend- I’ll be back with something great on Monday!


PHEATURE Phriday: 5 Words To Ruin An Interview With A SAPro



So if you’re a regular reader of my PROTIP Phriday posts, you’re probably wondering what’s up- no post last week, and now I’ve come up with this new series, PHEATURE Phriday- what the hell is that? Let me explain. While I love my PROTIP posts, I’ve found that they don’t get the exposure I’d like for them to, and I’ve also found that at times it gets hard to actually come up with them week in and week out. In an attempt to not burn the theme out, I’m swapping in a series that will appear every other week, PHEATURE Phriday (yes, the corny PH- prefixes will stay). PHEATURE Phriday will be a space where I can highlight anything and everything that catches my eye in a given week- posts can have one specific focus (as today’s will) or be a summary of stuff that’s been on my mind or on my social media feed. I’ll try this out for the next couple of months and see if it gets more exposure- I may also get bored with it and try something else (remember: my soapbox, my rules…) so we’ll have to see.

So, what am i featuring pheaturing this week?



If you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably seen this hashtag recently- it’s been picking up steam since the middle of January. We’ve all been in that situation where you’re out with someone and everything is good… until they say that one thing that makes you look at them funny, smile and nod while you plot your exit strategy. Maybe you’ve even been the one dropping the bomb occasionally- hey, it happens to us all eventually… The point is that someone actually took the time to come up with a hashtag to highlight some of them- and it took off like wildfire. #FiveWordsToRuinADate got coverage on CBS News, Glamour Magazine,, CNN, Huffington Post, USA Today… and if you read some of the Tweets that use the hashtag, you can clearly see why:

#FiveWordsToRuinADate taps in to that inner instinct we all have to occasionally let the worst of us slip out at the absolute worst times- and our need to be able to relate to each other around the awkwardness of shared cultural rituals like dating. The posts are hilarious and have definitely kept me laughing over the past two weeks of running training sessions and doing interview after interview after interview for summer staff positions… so much so that I’ve been inspired to do my own student affairs themed spinoff for my first PHEATURE Phriday.
If dating occasionally brings out the awkward in us all, the interview process can trigger some of the most oddball behavior known to man. I’ve been privileged enough to be part of interview teams for various roles for a long time now, and sometimes I’ve heard things that made me want to cry, scream, drop the phone or hang up in disgust. In many of these cases, I’ve also had to put the end of my pen in mouth to keep from laughing my you-know-what off at the insanity of it all. In an attempt to bring a smile to all of our faces at the end of the workweek, (hopefully) start a new trend, and to offer some words to the wise to anyone interviewing next week, here’s a few examples of #FiveWordsToRuinAnInterview with a student affairs professional.

Note: Examples based on actual comments or things I imagine people saying, but edited to protect the guilty…


“I’m allergic to glitter glue.”

“Challenge and Support? What’s that?”

“Icebreakers give me night terrors.”

“No nights & weekends off?!!”

“I have to do rounds?”

“Do you have free gyms?”

“That’s a big time commitment…”

“We get paid HOW MUCH?!!”

“How’s the dining hall food?”

“Hedgehogs can’t live in halls?”

“I don’t DO bulletin boards.”

“When do I get promoted?”

“Do we get offices too?”

“So YOU’LL be my supervisor?…”

“You want me to WHAT?”

“References might be an issue…”

“You’re paying for my move…”

“My hotel room kinda sucked…”

“Meeting with STUDENTS? Oh crap…”

“I’ll have the filet mignon…”

“Just one drink with lunch?”


“Please- you’re my only hope!”


“I can’t smoke with students?”

“I don’t like many people…”

“Six more months of probation…”

“Can you call me back?”

“Questions? Don’t you ask those?”

“My mom’s in the lobby…”

That’s it for my first PHEATURE Phriday… hope you enjoyed and that you stop by every other week to check them out! PROTIP Phriday will be back next week- I promise! Until then, enjoy your weekend and watch your words… especially if they come in multiples of five!


PROTIP Phriday X: The Grinch Who Stole Kwanzaa

The Grinch That Stole Kwanzaa
My tiny heart grows three sizes whenever I put someone on blast…

I’m really beginning to think there’s a conspiracy against me at this point- pizza delivery boys and girls (I’ll address them as adults when they act like them- more on that in a bit), dysfunctional students, random people in clubs… are all banding together to piss me off- and it’s working. I’ve spent much of the past week with my student staff helping them to take stock of the semester and their experiences, but to be quite honest the overwhelming majority of them could have done that just fine on their own.

I think I really needed to help some of the severely misguided people around me take stock of themselves and their failings this week- but because it’s too late to do that ( and I don’t get paid enough to do other people’s dirty work), I’ll just get them together with a PROTIP or two. I’m guessing that by now you’ve figured out that last week’s PROTIP Phriday “There may be cursing and moodiness” warning applies again… so without further ado, the PROTIPs:

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